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If your business 
is on page 2 or 3 of the Internet, 
you might as well be on page 100.
You are for all purposes  90%. . . 

More than 90 percent of all people searching for your product or service 
never go past page one and don't know your name - or the name of most of your local competitors. Usually, only 10 businesses, excluding paid advertisers, are listed on page 1 of any Internet page. GOOGLE dominates the Internet with almost 70 percent of all searches being made on the Internet (Source: Search Engine Watch blog, June 18, 2013).  

Just as important for you to know is that with video your website is 50 times more likely to appear on GOOGLE page 1 than without video. (Source: Forrester Research blog, January 8, 2009).  Bottom line, now is the time to seriously consider your small business video marketing strategy in Springfield MO or wherever you conduct business.

417 Local Business Video of Springfield, Missouri
has a proven record of being able to get a business ranked on, not just one site, but on 20, 40, 100, and sometimes even more than 200 page 1 GOOGLE sites.  Not every business can get these rankings.

Any business can get its own website on page 1 but most of the people who even know it exists are already present customers - unless you already have a large advertising budget.  The ideal customer for 417 Local Business Video is a small business, like yours, that needs to get visible on page 1 of GOOGLE fast and compete with the other ELITE NINE.   

Almost all top ranked 417 Local Business Video businesses 
are still ranked on GOOGLE page 1 after 3, 6, 9, and even 12 months. They were ranked once and stay ranked on multiple page 1 listings.  Their full-color video image on page 1 means that they dominate that page.  The other nine competitors on that same page are simply lines of text in almost all instances.  Let 417 Local Business Video marketing dominate your competition.

Better than newspaper ads, radio, TV, direct mail disappearing text ads on blogs and most social media, that are here today and gone tomorrow, video can remain long after the others ads are yesterday's news. Also, 100 percent of everyone on a page 1 of GOOGLE personally took the time to either click or type in the name of that page's name, service, or related product. They are searching, in real time, for an answer, solution, and/or seller...NOW! Discover how business video marketing in Springfield MO can help maximize your business marketing budget.
The advantages of GOOGLE page 1 ranking vs. other media are huge. 

GUARANTEE: while no one can know how long GOOGLE will decide to keep any business on page 1, 417 Local Business Video of Springfield MO, knows that we can usually get businesses ranked on GOOGLE page 1 with video fast - usually within 24 hours to one week.  The commitment is to try to get your business off the sidelines and make you one of those top 10 elite local businesses on multiple GOOGLE page 1 listing with video. That is the most expensive real estate on the Internet!  

Explore this website and then, wherever you live, from Alaska (or Hawaii) to Florida,  call to discuss your dream and goal to get ranked fast! You owe it to yourself to personally explore branded specialty video from one of the more than 70 types of businesses, custom videos, animation videos, and select specialty puppet videos.  Be assured that the focus of 417 Local Business Video extends to a business like yours on your turf anywhere in our 50 states.  Let us attempt to put you on GOOGLE page 1 multiple times with video.  Get ranked. Get visible.  
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