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$495 - one time fee for up to 2 full minutes for videos - unless quoted
            otherwise.  For example, animated video can be based on complexity.

( i.e. - less than 3 minutes) for your final edited recorded video.  $100 for each additional minute of finished video minute.   Each of your videos are branded with your name (or company name) plus action "Call Us" at your telephone number throughout the video.  

Payment for all videos are due when you receive and approve your personally branded video .  A FREE SAMPLE of a Stock occupation video can be sent before you order your video.  Simply request a copy by telephone or email at:  Tel: 417.894-6425 or

Payment is due when you receive and approve your final sample of your personally branded video. You will then receive a payment order link by email. Once payment is received online your final copy of the branded video will be sent to you that same day.  417 Local Business Video retains all copyright ownership of videos produced due to licensed copyright permissions from third party provider agreements. If you provide your own photos and/or video, you retain copyright of your content but the video as formatted is copyrighted to 417 Local Business Video. 417 Local Business Video will work with you to make any editing changes possible. 

You will need to provide video and/or 10-30 good resolution photos for each of your videos.  Rank them in order of importance to you.  Unless you specify otherwise, final selections will be made by 417 Local Business Video.  You will provide final approval of all selections. Photos and video can be made by 417 Local Business Video upon request for a one time fee of $249 if you are located within 25 miles of Springfield MO.  Filming and photo locations do not necessarily need to be at your office location and may, by agreement with 417 Local Business Video, be at a local job site.

Since these are digital products, therefore capable of being reproduced, videos are not refundable or returnable once your final purchase is made.  That is why payment is not made until you have received your final sample of the video for your approval and your consent to finalize the purchase is made in writing.


While most videos can be finalized and delivered by email in 1-2 days, some may require up to 7 -10 business days.  


Google selects ONLY 10 places out is thousands and millions of business listings to be on PAGE ONE. 
More than 90% of all Internet searches are made on THAT page.  The goal of 417 Local Business Video is to get you and, more importantly, your video on THAT page since 90% of all searches are reported to NEVER go past page one.  You don't want, either you or your video, to be  invisible.  Your video on Google page one gives you a PHOTO IMAGE of your video that helps you dominate the page among your competitors.  The secret is getting your video on page one.

For $597 you will be ranked on page one of Google multiple times (i.e. on multiple pages) -- with VIDEO.  Some competitors charge up to $2,000 per month to give you the same advantage.  Video actually takes potential customers INSIDE your business.  Right now, almost 90% of all your potential customers are merely drive-by traffic.  You are just another business, among many, on your street. Most of the traffic on your street is not searching for you or what you offer. Again, most of them don't know your name of even the names of your competitors.  ALL Internet shoppers have already taken the time to actually type in the name of the product or service they are searching for NOW!  They are simply now deciding WHO they will choose for their purchase. Our goal is to help them make you one of their top 10 choices.  With video we want to help your business dominate Google page 1. That simple!

Some 417 Local Business Videos have had:
... 20 Google page 1 rankings. Others have had 
... 80 page 1 rankings, some 
... 100 page 1 rankings, and the very rare exception had
... 200 Google page 1 rankings. 

NOTE: Results can vary greatly with every business and keyword.  
          What can we give you for your investment dollars?  MAXIMUM VISIBILITY!

Some have had their rankings for almost a year and others for more than a year.  New potential sales traffic from ACTIVE shoppers see their video displayed 24 hours a day and seven days a week -- week after week on the most expensive real estate on the Internet - GOOGLE page 1.  The challenge is that some types of businesses are easier get ranked than others.  Some are ranked for more pages than others.  GOOGLE, not 417 Local Business Video, determines how long any ranking remains on page 1.  However, Google seems to like us and we value that favored relationship. 


$495 - 1 Video (under 3 minutes)
$597 Monthly - GOOGLE multiple page 1 ranking (optional but highly recommended)
         NOTE: this greatly discounted price will increase for future customers.

While 417 Local Business Video, nor anyone else, can guarantee you how many people seeing your video will become buyers, OUR GUARANTEE is that YOU will be one of THE TOP 10 businesses  (ie- organic Google page 1) - out of hundreds to millions of others listed on the Internet. That means you will be standing right in the middle of the Internet highway traffic of potential customers. GUARANTEED! FAST! Google totally determines BOTH ranking and the longevity of all its page one listings. You can terminate your future monthly payments at any time by simply notifying us 30 days prior to the month you want to discontinue payments. 

417 Local Business Video customers living in the 417 area code trade area, will also be featured in one of the occasional 417 Local Business Video of the Week direct email announcement sent to nearly 1,000 local business owners and leaders in the metro Springfield, Missouri trade area. You can also include a discount coupon in this one-time email.  This $495 value is FREE when you purchase a 417 Local Business Video video.  The regular price for this high value mailing is $495.  

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