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Use your video link on webpages, blogs, Facebook, other social media, direct mail, and even use the video link in all your emails. Encourage present client's to email the link of your video to their friends. Start your own viral video campaign. 


FACT: You and your company are INVISIBLE to most of  the people. local and global, searching for what you offer on the Internet. They don't know your name or even your competitors names. They are searching for the name of products/services that meet their needs NOW.  94% of them NEVER go past page 1 of Google or any Internet site.

If you are on page 3 you might as well be on page 100.  You are not being found. We are not talking about your own webpage . We are talking about the pages your potential customers are searching now. That is where you also need to be now.  417 Local Business Video can help you solve that problem!

* More that 50% of ALL Internet searches are on GOOGLE!

* More people now search for products and services on the Internet than those that use the telephone book.

* These searches are REAL people looking for either you or the product/service you can offer them NOW!

* Page 1 of Google lists ONLY 10 sites (excluding paid ads) out of thousands or millions of businesses. 
That means 99% of ALL website owners NEVER appear on page 1 of Google - except for their own website. 

Most people searching for you and/or your website ALREADY know you.  
Most of the other 99% have no clue who you, or you competition, are or what you have to offer.  
Your Goal - get VISIBLE to them!

• Video is already helping your competition. "81 percent of senior marketing executives now use onloine video content in their marketing programs, up from 70 percent in 2011. (MarketingProfs)" -  Quote Source: http://www.ragan.com,  April 12, 2013.

Our mission is to see that YOU are one of those 10 sites on page 1 of Google. Some businesses actually have 2 or more DIFFERENT 417 Local Business videos on the SAME Google page 1. That means that  they have 2/10 (80%) page #1 places on the same page.

* Your VIDEO is 50 times more likely to appear on Google p.1 than is your traditional web site (except for your own website). Most of your EXISTING customers already know about your website but most potential new customers have probably never seen it nor will they ever unless pointed that direction.  This magnifies the importance of being on page 1 of Google!   (Source: Forrester Research blog, Jan. 8, 2009)

Your video on multiple Google page 1 sites can possibly STILL be on page 1 weeks, months and even years -- long after your money for newspaper ads, radio and TV ads, direct mail, are spent and gone.  The BIG difference is that Internet traffic is potential customers searching NOW for what you can offer them.  They are ready to spend money!  They have already taken the time to type in the name of what they already want and are usually ready to buy now! Their big question is WHO will they buy from today!  They don't buy from INVISIBLE businesses. Simple!

Most potential customers are searching for what they need or want - and usually don't even know your name! 
Let 417 Local Business Video get you VISIBLE on Google page 1...with video and help you dominate your competition.


Note: Includes more than 70 different types of businesses.
Male and Female Voice Narration is Available for All Videos.
Your video will be personally branded with your business name and "Call Us" contact information.

1. Stock Business Videos 
     Branded with your name.
    Sample - Cosmetic Dentist
    Sample - Cardiologist
    Sample - Acupuncture 
    Sample - Eye Care
    Sample - Law - Bankruptcy Attorney
    Sample - Plumbing
2. Custom Videos 
    Based on photos and/or video inside your business.
    Both male and female voice narration is available for all custom videos.    

    Sample - Restaurant
    Sample - Tree Care
    Sample - Electrical Contractor
    Sample - Church Security and Safety - Self Analysis CD
3. Puppet videos 
    Specialty videos or select businesses (branded with your name).
    Sample -Restaurant

4  Animation Videos
Sample - Restaurant

5. Full Motion Animated Drawing Videos 

    Sample - Accountant

6. Kinetic (Text in Motion)
 Sample -  Plumber
Computer Repair


$395 for up to 2 Minutes (i.e. less than 3 minutes)
for your final edited recorded video  (one time fee). You provide photos (10-30 photos) or they can be taken for local 417 businesses.
Plus $100 for each additional minute of finished edited video - should you want more time. Few ever need it!
Most businesses prefer
 a 1 minute, or less, video.
* Some area competitors charge  $1,000 per minute for video.

BIG BONUS:  Your Video Emailed to Nearly 1,000 Area Businesses.
your video will be also be featured in the weekly 417 Top Business Video of the Week direct mail newsletter sent to nearly 1,000 of area business owners and leaders  in the Springfield, Missouri trade area. You can also include a discount coupon in this one-time email. This $495 value is FREE when you have 417 Local Business Video create your video. Regular price for the mailing alone is $495.

Additional Offer:  GOOGLE page 1 ranking. $695 one-time fee payable when you receive your final preview copy of the video. This includes BOTH listing on YouTube (owned by Google) + multiple Google page 1 rankings. This additional offer is totally optional but highly recommended.  

Without it you can still use the video on your
... websites
... blogs
... Facebook
... other social media
... direct mail
... send the link to potential customers on your mailing list
... send the link to your present customers to share the video link with their friends and family. 
Some competitors charge as much as $2,000 monthly for this SAME advantage.

BUT with this additional advantage offer you become one of the TOP 10 (the only 10) businesses listed now instantly visible to hundreds and even thousands of NEW potential customers found on the first page of Google. This is the most expensive real estate on the Internet.  With this HUGE video advantage, you may also be the ONLY one of the TOP 10 businesses on page one with a full color image of your video on the same page. You now dominate the page. You become the most visible business on the entire page...instantly.  

Our total, for BOTH:
$395 - VIDEO - for your personally branded video one-time price (less than 3 minutes) + 
$695 - GOOGLE PAGE 1 - for multiple Google page one  rankings 
TOTAL:   $1,090. 

Click ORDER Button only 1 time to avoid double ordering.
If you double click it just return to cart and empty it.  
Then re-click order button 1 time.

Some 417 Local Business Videos have had 
... 20 Google page 1 rankings. Others have had 
... 80 page 1 rankings, some 
... 100 page 1 rankings, and the exception is now
... 200 Google page 1 rankings. 

That usually includes about the same number rankings on page 1 of YouTube
(Google owns YouTube).  Google loves YouTube.  Not all businesses are as easy to rank.
Completion Time: usually less than one week - excluding weekends.
* Let's start creating your video today (see the "About" video).

Who Needs Video?
Local Business
Local Government
New Web Site Launches
New Book Releases
Product Releases.

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